I first began presenting in 2000 by returning annually to my alma mater in Nebraska to present on LGBT advocacy. In 2008 I began speaking to medical students at KCU in Kansas City about LGBTQ issues in healthcare.

Since 2010 I’ve had the opportunity to speak to dozens of physician audiences about how to provide culturally competent care in the LGBTQ community. In total, I have spoken to over 1,000 physicians at hospital grand rounds or through conferences across the US and in Argentina. In the past two to three years I have been doing experiential learning seminars with all types of audiences regarding all things LGBTQ, including medical case scenarios. I love facilitating experiential learning in medical, academic, and corporate settings, which is the best way to teach and learn. Gender, race, and sexual orientation micro aggressions, as well as unconscious biases, impact our lives and decision making both in and out of the office.

I also have a passion for speaking on health and wellness among medical students as they navigate the high demands of medical school. My first coloring book for healers, with the goal of student stress reduction through coloring, is being released in September 2018.

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