CCSF 4-8-2017


LGBT Medical Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective


The presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT medical case scenarios through the lens of medical interpreter students. The class divided into small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr. Holt as the facilitator.

The audience consisted of medical interpretor students. Afterwards we had a book signing for both of the books PRIDE.

Audience feedback/impact of this presentation:

Good speaker! I learned the differences between sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender non conformity, and gender dysphoria. I know more how to respond or answer to some matters regarding LGBTQ issues- 39 y/o F

Presentation was really good. I really enjoyed your presentation. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in this topic before your book and presentation. I read your book just because my teacher requested us to do that. However, I think differently about LGBTQ afterwards. I now can sympathize and understand how unlucky they are. I can define clearly now sex, gender, and sexual orientation.- 38 y/o F

Thank you so much, Dr Holt. I felt so honored that you came to speak to our class. I enjoyed your openness and teaching style. I learned 1. I don’t have to put a label on someone; 2. Sex is the body but gender is the mind; and 3. As a healthcare professional, I need to be aware that the LGBTQ community is at higher risk for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, low self esteem, and suicidal thoughts.- 61 y/o F

It’s a very impressive and informative lecture. I learned different terms to describe pt’s sexuality and gender. I have a better understanding about LGBT.- 37 y/o F

The vignettes were all very thought out and complex situations that many might misinterpret. I thought it was really neat how Dr. Holt broke everything down for us and was open to any questions. I definitely learned a lot of new vocabulary words, medical terms, and about the use of pronouns. I learned about the dangers of ignorance and homophobia. Also how simple it can be to simply ask the person general questions to make them feel so much better. The presentation will impact the way I talk to people and not base assumptions on people’s physical characteristics or behaviors. I also really appreciated learning how to reach out to someone and simply let them know that you are there for them for whatever reason and that you still love them.- 24 y/o F

Great book and presentation. Really sensitive oriented. I will be more respectful.- F

Very great way to help build awareness about LGBTQ community! I learned that LGBTQ people are all different. After today’s activities, I realized I have to be extra careful when speaking with anyone I encounter.- 27 y/o F

While listening to Ron’s lecture, it reminded me of many old friends who had identity issues. They were confused who they were and I didn’t know how to assist them and I regretted it so much. I wish I would have known Ron and asked him to help my friends. I learned to always have a solution to solve a problem, be open minded, and ask open ended questions. I feel Ron’s book will be one of the best resources to heal LGBTQ people.- 52 y/o F

Actually this was the first time I was in such an open discussion about LGBTQ. I’m so glad that I had such an opportunity to learn so much about LGBTQ. I believe there are many people in society who never have any opportunity to know more about LGBTQ. I am a registered nurse and grew up in chinese culture society. I never got any chance to learn about LGBTQ before.- F

It’s a wonderful speech and good community discussion. I learned how to respect people with different gender. There are a lot of things for us to improve on and be aware of.- 43 y/o F

Very good as I learned a lot through discussion. I learned many new words (closet, down low, etc) and also learned the definitions of sex, gender, etc. It clears my mind on how to differentiate between words.- 40 y/o F