NECC 10-03-2017

LGBT Student Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective



The presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT student case scenarios through small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr Holt as the facilitator.

The audience consisted of students, faculty, and community members.

Audience feedback/impact of this presentation:

I have learned not to judge people by their looks. This presentation impacted me with my job, in the future and when I interact with LGBTQ I know how to handle a situation better.-18 y/o M

When you engage in the vignettes it helps process and remember. I learned the rate of suicide attempts for trans students. We need to provide more support for trans students. I will work to ensure campus processes are more open.-38 y/o F

Scenarios made me open my eyes and see how these people are affected. I will make sure I make my classmates comfortable with me and the people around me.- 19 y/o M

Very well done. Learned more about LGBT. Sex = Body. Gender = Mind.- 21 y/o M

Informative presentation. I learned a better understanding of trans, terms, etc. It was good to break into groups. It allowed for more dialogue between those who attended.- F

It was a good presentation. Taught me a lot about the community that I didn’t know about.- 19 y/o M

I don’t like vignettes – but it was an excellent way to get discussion going and I was happy you used that format. I don’t quite understand how to tell if people are trans, but I will be more aware of their struggle and need for acceptance. The presentation had a great impact. We have gay members in our family and my role has gone from accepting to encourage other parents (who are my cousins) to accept their kids- F

Vignettes were great examples for us to learn from. There’s so much more to this than I thought. This will help me become more comfortable and empathetic to others. – 60 y/o F

I learned deeper thoughts on what trans students struggle with and how we can make things easier. I will continue to be more aware about pronoun usage. Ze and zir were new to me.- F

Great presentation. I learned about gender identity. I liked the information provided today.- 43 y/o M

Friendly environment and interesting information. I learned terminology. More awareness and more comfortable. Thank you!- F

I learned the difference between trans and being bi or gay. Just treat people like they are no different than others.- 20 y/o F

I learned stats on suicides. Sex is the body and gender is the mind. You reinforce why I wear my rainbow pin everyday. The younger generation thanks me and my generation asks good questions.- 68 y/o F

Everyone is created equal.- 18 y/o M

Good learning environment given by speaker. I learned what gender dysphoria was. I didn’t know it was a thing before today. I had some things confused before, but now mostly all cleared up.- 18 y/o F