WSC Faculty

Creating Safe Spaces for the LGBTQ College Community: An Experiential Learning Perspective for WSC Faculty and Staff.

This presentation was part of a diversity lecture series sponsored by PRIDE and the Assistant Dean and VP of Student Services.

The presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT student case scenarios through small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr. Holt as the facilitator.

The audience consisted of faculty and staff of the College.

Audience feedback/ impact/ things learned from presentation:

Excellent discussion and openness. Ask for the preferences on pronouns. I will be more obviously open.

Very helpful- great information and discussion. It is imperative to have these discussions and places to ask questions. I learned it is ok to ask about preferred pronouns, ideas about safe spaces, and clarification of terms.-50+ F

Awesome! I’m more aware. We have a long way to go at WSC.- 41 y/o F

Very good. I will continue to be an advocate. Trans people need extra support.- 35 y/o M

Wonderful presentation!! I learned how to be a better advocate for LGBTQ students on campus and find small ways to show empathy and advocacy!- 29 y/o F

Great! Excellent learning opportunity. Thank you for the insights! I learned the risk is so much higher for LGBT people in so many areas. This is sad because it’s not something that should be true.- 62 y/o M

Good examples. Helped to apply the information to a specific situation. WSC needs to communicate the availability of resources and services. I am better able to ‘open the door’ for others. – 58 y/o M

Great and insightful. Learned strategies for creating supportive environment.Will be more observant of forms, pronouns, and visuals.- 55 y/o F

Learned appreciation and understanding of diverse backgrounds and related issues.- 63 y/o F

Have better awareness and refresh on terms. Will look at it from a different point of view.- 60+ y/o F

I didn’t know all of the definitions. Will be open to all students in our area and around campus.

This presentation opens my eyes and helps me understand why the world needs to be more accepting to others.- 41 y/o M

Will keep me vigilant for more ways to create a comfortable environment on campus for LGBTQ+ students. I learned that every voice matters.- F

Great. Brought up topic we don’t think about. I learned ways to make LGBT students safe.- 24 y/o M

Learned helpful ideas to make all individuals more comfortable. Also explaining labels and open conversation.- 58 y/o F

Thank you! Learned the percentage of homeless LGBT youth. Great conversations and perspectives.- 29 y/o F

I learned students need to feel comfortable and to use correct pronouns. I will help work with trans students on campus.- 35 y/o F

Essential to keep trying – even when you make mistakes – apologize and try again. I have a little more insight into a couple of students I know who are transitioning.